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Picture 10

(Lake Minnewaska- Photo courtesy of Jessica Kaufman)

What I’m Up To (January 2012)

A long time since the last general update, and a lot has happened.

My book, Networking the News: The Struggle to Rebuild Metropolitan Journalism, 1997-2011 will be published by Temple University Press in late 2012.

Over the spring of 2011 I wrote a mini-manifesto on my future research on my blog. To boil it down, I'm interested in researching how changing computational technologies and newsroom cultures are changing the way society understands "what counts" as empirical evidence.

I've also started some preliminary research on the way that social media technologies, primarily SMS messaging systems like Twitter, have evolved over time, and the impact of that evolution on social movements and political protest.

Finally, as a resolution for the new year, I'm hoping to get back into blogging a little more often, both on my own site as well as at The Nieman Lab and the Atlantic Tech website.