Selected Writing


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Professional Monographs

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Edited Volumes

Boczkowski, Pablo and C.W. Anderson, co-editors (2017). Remaking NewsCambridge, MA: The MIT Press

Witschge,Tamara, C.W. Anderson, David Domingo, and Alfred Hermida, co-editors (2016). Sage Handbook of Digital Journalism Studies. London, UK: Sage

I. The Long History of Data Journalism

Anderson, C.W. (2017) Social survey reportage: Context, narrative, and information visualization in early 20th century American journalism.” Journalism 18 (1), 81-100

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Anderson, C.W. (2012). “Towards a sociology of computational and algorithmic journalism,” New Media and Society 

II. Artifacts, Metrics, and Shifting News Practices

Anderson, C.W. (2011). “Deliberative, Agonistic, and Algorithmic Audiences: Journalism’s Vision of its Public in an Age of Audience Transparency,” International Journal of Communication 5(2011) [OPEN ACCESS]. Online at

Anderson, C.W. (2011). “Between  Creative and Quantified Audiences: Web Metrics and Changing Patterns of Newswork in Local U.S. Newsrooms,” Journalism: Theory, Practice, Criticism. 12(5): 550-566

III. News Ecologies, Ecosystems, and Diffusion

Anderson, C. W.(2010). “Journalistic Networks and the Diffusion of Local News: The Brief, Happy News Life of the ‘Francisville Four,'” Political Communication, 27(3): 289 — 309

IV. Journalistic Authority, Expertise, and Power

Anderson, C.W. (2017) “Assembling publics, assembling routines, assembling values: Journalistic self-conception and the crisis in journalism,” chapter in The Crisis of Journalism Reconsidered Jeffrey C. Alexander, Elizabeth Butler Breese, Maria Luengo (eds). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press

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